Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coco peat (Coir pith, coir fiber peat) is an Environmentally Sustainable Product for the Horticultural & Agricultural sector

Coconut fiber usage has become very common among professionals in various industries due to the versatility of the product. In the horticultural, agricultural, or erosion control sector, coir has a remarkable reputation for its superiority to other available natural materials in the market. 

Coir fiber is found between the husk & the outer shell of a coconut husk. The individual fiber cells are narrow and hollow, with thick walls made of cellulose. They are pale when immature but later become hardened and yellowed as a layer of lignin is deposited on their walls. The high lignin content (46% by weight) of coco fibers makes it naturally resistant to mold and rot and requires no chemical treatment. Lignin is a complex chemical compound and is an integral part of the secondary cell walls of plants and some algae. It is known to be on e of the most abundant organic polymers on Earth.

Cocopeat is a natural, renewable product produced from coconut husks. Coco peat add value to potting mixes by adding 10‐50% good quality Cocopeat to their potting mixtures. The plants grown in Cocopeat require less frequent watering as a result of more water holding capacity of the Cocopeat. More number of finer roots in a shorter time can be seen in potting soil containing Cocopeat. The roots get more aeration resulting in healthier plants.

The Cocopeat ensure sufficient amount of water for the plant without compromising on the drainage capacity. This in turn will result in more available water for the plants as well as better aeration for the roots. And the result of this can be observed in production and quality.

Benefits of using CG Coco peat/Coir peat/coco pith
• CG peat is 100% Natural, an organic Bio‐degradable matter.
• CG peat is an Eco‐friendly renewable resource.
• CGpeat is a viable alternative to peat moss.
• CGpeat is a perfect multipurpose growing media.
• The right CGpeat has high aeration (air porosity)
• CGpeat absorbs water easily but doesn’t absorb too much.
• CG peat Enhance strong and healthy root system
• CGpeat is a very stable product that can be used for many years
without decomposition affecting its physical make‐up.
• Cocopeat can be treated.

Chemical Effects
• Increased potassium levels
• Improved phosphorus levels
• Increased cation exchange capacity
• Improved nutrient retention
• Reduced frequency and rates of fertiliser application

CoirGreen ™ is an Environmentally Friendly company based in Sri Lanka, manufacturing a wide range of products for the horticultural and erosion control sectors. All products manufactured by Coir Green are environmentally sustainable and made out of natural coir fiber as a raw material. More information can be obtained by visiting Coir Green website on 

Use environmentally sustainable products and help protect our environment for future generations to come. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Growbags ( Coco slabs)

Keeping up with the latest grow techniques and products are probably becoming increasingly important for an ardent farmer or gardener in today’s rapidly changing world.  Cultivating fast growing plants is becoming a priority especially if it is a method that is 100% natural. Designed and created to suit all requirements Coir Grow bag, also known as Coco slabs, is an easy, useful and effective method to growing healthy plants.

Coir, an amazing product produced from the finest of coconut husks is the fundamental product of grow bags as it is made out of coco peat (coir pith) or husks chips (coco chips) or a combination of both. Coir pith is thick, fibrous and is the sponge like particle in the middle layer of the coconut. It can be used for any kind of cultivation such as agriculture, hydroponic, organic, indoor planting, home gardening, botanical and even soil treatment. Coir is a product that is completely sustainable and renewable as coconuts are grown in abundance in tropical regions. Its widely used to cultivate bigger crops, better expansion and stronger roots, snail repellant, reduction in disease and fungus netting, to hold more air, better water retention, helps reduce frequent irrigation and is completely recyclable as it is 100% organic. 

Gaining popularity among the hydroponic farmers for growing of fresh vegetables and flowers coir pith is used instead of rock wool and peat moss. Interested in growing various tomatoes? Then this is the ideal method because the plants do not have deep roots and needs more space for the tomato vines to grow. It is also highly efficient when growing other green house hydroponics such as cucumber, capsicum, lettuce, strawberry, rose, gerbera, orchids and also chrysanthemums.
Grow bags or coco slabs are developed with a particular mixture to provide the maximum results and suit every individual crop. The coir is commonly enclosed in a plastic bag that can be recycled with drain slits and plant holes that are pre-cut and stick holes to meet the individual hydration system. They are completely easy to use, cost effective, as it reduces on labor, is highly successful in a controlled growing environments, easy to transport and even store. So why not take on an environmentally friendly approach to growing plants that will increase yields and save money. This is only the beginning to a revolutionary growing experience. 

More information or the secure these organic coir Growbags (coco slabs), contact CoirGreen on infoATcoirgreenDOTcom or visit 

Monday, May 7, 2012

CoirGreen - Your Environmentally Friendly Company

Being a friend to the environment is becoming an ever increasing priority and responsibility among everyone today. Companies especially are taking on the environmentally friendly persona so that the challenges and demands of our rapidly changing world are met. Companies such as CoirGreen(TM), manufactures and supplies products that are considered 100% organic for Erosion, Horticulture and Agriculture industries. CoirGreen(TM) develops a wide range of natural products that are to the highest industrial standards. Its biodegradable and environmentally sustainable products are made out of an important commercial product obtained from the husk of the coconut, Coir Fiber.

With a reputation for being a far more superior natural ingredient than any other, Coir Fiber is a useful commercial product among professionals in various industries. Widely known for its ability to reduce soil erosion and assist the horticulture and agriculture sectors due to its hard structural fibers. Coir can be found between the husk and the outer shell of a coconut. When immature they are pale but subsequently it becomes harder and yellow as a layer of lining begins to form on their walls. There are two varieties of coir; Brown coir is harvested from fully ripened coconuts that contain more lignin and less cellulose. This makes the coir stronger but less flexible. While the white coir fibers are harvested from the coconuts before they are ripe. These fibers are much smoother and finer but are also weaker. 

Nurseries, Greenhouses, Farms and even households are seen using Coir products as a growing medium. It increases the capacity to hold water which remains available at low tensions and it maintains air porosity even after saturated with pore space allowing the water to drain easily. For horticultural purposes CoirGreen(TM) produces Coco Peat, Growbags and Husk Chips where it can be added into potting mixtures adding value to the soil. With this, the growth of finer roots within a short period of time can be seen in the plants. Coir disks on the other hand are used for natural weed control and used mainly in large scale nurseries and green houses. Grow Bags and Coir Pots is specifically used for growing vegetable and flower plants and can be used even in your own home.

CoirGreen(TM) also manufactures products for erosion control. Erosion is inevitable in our environment. Usually occurring because of wind, water or ice; by down slope creep of soil and other materials under the force of gravity or by animals and humans. 40% of the world’s agricultural land is degraded. Fertile soil is lost in large amounts due to drought, deforestation and climate change. According to studies increased rainfall amounts and intensities will lead to higher rates of erosion. Generally, soil erosion is being controlled with a physical barrier such as vegetation or rock to prevent water or wind creating a soil loss. However now you can use CoirGreen’s products designed and manufactured specifically for the purpose of soil erosion. Erosion Control Blankets (coconut blankets), GeoTextiles (Coir netting), Coirlogs (waterlogs/Biologs), Coir Pallets (coir pillows) and Jute products are all produced by CoirGreen to help prevent the erosion of soil. Erosion Control Blankets which are made out of coir are known to have a high performance as it does not rot, needs no chemical treatment and is hard and strong which provides adequate strength to prevent slope from erosion, provides landslide stabilisation and river bank protection. It can be easily transported and expected to become part of the soils structure as it’s steadily set in place. Ideal for landscaping, vegetation control and sediment control. Coir logs or also known as Biologs or Waterlogs are a cylinder round shaped netting packed with coir fiber (also come in square shape logs). It is used mainly for stream bank stabilization, shoreline protection, wetland mitigation, channel edge liner, wild life habitats and landscaping. This too is easy to install, allows for deep rooting of plants while providing nutrients and can be customised to your specific requirements. Another cost-effective method is the use of Coir Pallet or Coir Pillows especially for establishing marginal vegetation around lakes edges and watercourse banks. The high lining in the product is able to tolerate high energy of water flows and has a long degradation period of 3-5 years.

  A family business, Coir Green’s goal is to value its employees and customers and at the same time to be an ambassador for the protection of our environment by using environmentally sustainable products. A tremendous effort is made to provide their partners and customers products of the highest quality because the company is keen to meet their every need. Their greatest asset, their employees, ensures that every product goes under strict quality control methodologies. Coir Green is also involved in the handling and testing of raw materials, record keeping, standards for cleanliness and safety, production and process controls, labelling practices and warehousing and distribution as well as dealing with ethical business practices. Coir Green believes that their customers are their life; therefore it is guaranteed that they deliver products and services to them with quality and professionalism. It’s no wonder they take pride in manufacturing some of the finest Coir products in the world! 
More details on CoirGreen, please visit